Channel vs. Convo

Channels are open and discoverable-any team member can find, join, and leave a channel.  Convos are private–only those invited can participate.  Both channels and convos allow the same communication once inside them.


When to use a channel

Channels should be used for team-wide announcements (such as Standup or Everyone) as well as open-to-anyone communication around topics or sub-groups (such as Marketing Team or Book Club).

Because they are more active and visited frequently, channels are at the top of your team workspace.


How to create a channel


  1. Click the (+) in the Channels section
  2. Give the channel a name
  3. Write a channel description
  4. Choose an emoji or upload an icon to set the channel apart
  5. Set channel default (see below)
  6. Add team members (if applicable)


How to join a channel

  1. In the Channels section, select "see all"
  2. Click the "join" button


How to leave a channel

  1. Enter the channel
  2. Click "channel details" (upper right)
  3. Select "leave channel"


How to delete a channel (admin only)

  1. Enter the channel
  2. Click "channel details" (upper right)
  3. Select "delete channel"

Channel settings

Default channel: this setting automatically adds all team members to this channel.  This also includes new team members who join in the future.  However, anyone can leave a channel, even if it's set as default.  The only channel that a participant can't leave is the "Everyone" channel.

Everyone channel: In order to ensure that there is at least one channel that everyone is a participant of, the "Everyone" channel cannot be left.  However, you can change the name, icon, and description if needed.