Within a space, there are conversations and channels, and each serves a different purpose.

Channel vs. Convo

Channels are open and discoverable-any team member can find, join, and leave a channel.  Convos are private–only those invited can participate.  Both channels and convos allow the same communication once inside them.

When to use a channel

Channels should be used for space-wide announcements (such as Standup or Everyone) as well as open-to-anyone communication around topics or sub-groups (such as Marketing Team or Book Club).

Because they are more active and visited frequently, channels are at the top of your team workspace.

Note: all volleys that have been sent in a channel in the last 60 days will be viewable by anyone who joins the channel, even if those volleys were sent to that channel before that person joined the space or the channel.

When to use a conversation

A conversation is a closed, invite-only way to talk to someone within your same space. There can be both one-to-one conversations as well as group conversations, but these are not openly discoverable like channels. In order to be a part of a conversation, someone needs to add you to that conversation, you cannot join it yourself as you can with a channel.