Creating a Grow Space is a quick and easy process.  Watch the video or read the instructions below.


Before you set up your Grow Space you will need to download our desktop application or log into our web app from your mac or pc. You’ll be able to run your program from any device, but the initial setup will need to be done on a desktop.

1. Create your space by selecting the icon with three dots on the far left side of your screen.

2. You can choose to build your space from scratch or select one of our many templates.

3. Complete the setup process by creating channels and inviting any admins along the way. 

4. While setting up your space you’re going to want to turn on the feature to ‘Charge Members for Access’

5. Connect or create your Stripe account. This is how you will get paid for your membership programs. Stripe will deposit directly into your bank account and handle things like taxes, 1099s, etc.

6. Create your sales page.  Start by adding a compelling pitch video that sells the value of your program.  Then add a compelling program description.  This is what it will look like when complete.

7. Now it’s time to set pricing. You can select from Recurring or a One-Time Fee.

  1. Recurring allows you to charge a recurring monthly subscription. Individual members may cancel their subscription at any time, but you can continue running the group program as long as people are willing to pay. Recurring offers are meant for programs that run indefinitely like masterminds, group coaching, accountability groups, and inner circles.
  2. One-time fee is are meant for cohort based programs that run for a finite period of time - like bootcamps, 90-day challenges, workshops, and courses.  Programs where there’s a definite beginning and end. To set up a one-time fee offer, enter the price of the one time fee, then choose the enrollment duration either by entering the number of days someone will have access to the program, or by setting the end date.

8. Now you’re ready to invite the world to participate in your shiny new group program by clicking the invite button at the top of your space.

For more information about Grow Spaces, visit