Once you have a Volley account and connected Stripe, you are ready to create an offer and start selling!


1. You’ll create your Consult with Me sales page where you’ll include a professional title, short bio, and a pitch video.

Note: The default "typical response time" is 24hrs. This can be customized and will be displayed on your landing page.


2. Once your basic info has been added, you’re going to create your offer(s). You can create as many as you’d like. You can add, remove, and edit your offers at any time.

Note: Changes to existing offers will not affect anyone currently using that offer. It will only change for future customers.

You have two options for how you would like to charge customers. You can select from Recurring or a One-Time Fee.

  1. Recurring offers allow you to charge a recurring monthly subscription for “unlimited” 1:1 coaching. Individual members may cancel their subscription at any time, but recurring offers are meant for programs that run indefinitely like tutoring, mentoring, retainers, lessons, consulting, and coaching.
  2. One-time fee offers allow you to charge for time-limited access to you in a Volley DM.  With a one-time offer you’ll set a price for a specific time duration.  Think: micro-coaching or on-demand consulting.

You can also add promo text for each of your offers. This highlighted cell can be used to promote important information like how many spots are available, when your offer expires, or even a limited promo code.


3. Record a welcome prompt for each of your consulting offers.

This video can be uploaded or recorded within Volley and will be automatically sent when a new offer is purchased. Use this to ask your first question, introduce your service, or set expectations for what the offer experience will be like.

Note: For time-limited offers, the welcome prompt will not count against your time.


4. Share your link to your sales page (which will display all of your listed offers)


5. You can also link to an individual offer (whether it is listed or unlisted). Simply click on your offer, scroll down, and copy the offer link.

This unique sales page will display all of your basic info, pitch video, and only that specific offer.


For more information about Consult with Me, visit: https://www.volleyapp.com/consult-with-me