Important: To link Volley to a Slack DM, the Volley bot must be invited to that DM.  Because of Slack's functionality, you'll need to create a new DM with the people you want and invite the Volley bot to it.  Note: This will create a new DM and won't include the history of the existing DM.


1. In Slack, create a new DM by clicking the [+] next to Direct Messages.

2. Add the people you want in the DM as well as the Volley bot.

3. Back in Volley, navigate to the channel or DM in Volley that you want to connect to the new DM, and click on Channel/DM details.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the Details screen and click on "Connect to Slack"

5. Copy the @Volley string to your clipboard.

6. Paste the @Volley string in the new DM you just created (that includes the Volley bot).

Success!  You'll see a confirmation and an automated volley sent by the Volley bot to confirm that the link was made.


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