You can easily share a recording of your screen in any volley conversation from one of our desktop apps.


1) To start - click the "Record Screen" icon in the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut by hitting the "S" key.


2) Then choose to record an entire screen or just a single window

3) Now we're recording.  It's time to show what you need to show.  (Note: that little recording window will not be seen in your recording.). 


4) When you're done, click the record button to stop and you'll see that volley show up in the timeline.  Click the "Fullscreen" icon or hit the "F" key to enter fullscreen.

Pro tip: Shortcut keys

  • "S" to start screen recording
  • "F" when enter or leave fullscreen mode
  •  "<" or ">" to change speed once in fullscreen mode
  • "Space" or "K" to pause/resume playback