There are four different volley links that all serve a different purpose:

  • A space invitation
  • A conversation invitation
  • Your own personal Talk to me on Volley link
  • Sharing a public link to a specific volley. 


Space Invitation 

You and your team have decided to use Volley for all your communication needs and you have created a space. Now all that’s missing is getting people into the space!

To invite someone to a space, follow these steps:

1) Select the space you want to invite them to, and then click the directory icon

2) Click the blue “Copy” button to copy the invite link

3) Send the link to anyone you want to invite via text, email, DM, or however you would like. You will receive a notification once that person clicks the link and joins the space.

Tip: When you add someone to a space, a one-on-one conversation is automatically created between them and each member of the space.


Conversation Invitation

If you want to talk to someone who isn't a member of your team, you should invite them to a conversation. Simply record a volley in a new conversation, copy the conversation invite link, and send the link to them.

To invite someone to an individual conversation, follow the steps below:

1) Go to “My Network” (Volley logo in the top left corner), then click the plus button next to the Conversations section

2) After clicking the plus button, you have two options: 1) copy the invite link to send to someone later (via email, text, DM, etc.), or 2) choose someone to talk to from the list that populates. After choosing one of those two options, click "Start recording"

3) Pick a volley type from the bottom part of the screen and send a volley to start the conversation


Talk To Me On Volley

If you want people to be able to start a conversation with you (as opposed to you starting a conversation with them), share your Talk to me on Volley (TTMOV) link. With TTMOV, you record a short introduction video for everyone to see, and then anyone who clicks on your TTMOV link will be put into an individual conversation with just you and them, and the very first volley in the conversation will already be there - your TTMOV video. Think of it like an answering machine: you have a prerecorded message (your TTMOV video) that everyone who tries to contact you sees, they leave you a message (another volley in the conversation), and you respond when you get around to it. 

Pro tip: this is a game changer when put in a LinkedIn bio, when sent in response to a DM, or even when put into an email signature.  Anyone can click on your TTMOV link and they’re in a conversation with you. 

To access and share your TTMOV link, follow these steps:

1) Go to “My Network” (Volley logo in the top left corner), then click “Invite people” at the top of the screen. This will copy your invite link. To make changes to your TTMOV video, click the gear icon next to "Invite people"

2) Click “Record your intro volley.” This volley will act as your “answering machine” - it will be the message that everyone sees when they click on your TTMOV link and will be the first volley in any conversation started by someone clicking on your TTMOV link. You can also add a short bio.

3) To copy your custom TTMOV link, hit the “Copy” button in the screenshot above. Or, when in "My Network" simply click "Invite people" and your custom TTMOV link will be copied to your clipboard.


Share public link

If you want to share a singular volley with the world, use public links. You can send out that volley, and only that volley, for everyone to see. This is similar to sending a link to a YouTube video - the link is only to the video you recorded in Volley. The best part about public links is that the viewer doesn’t need a Volley account to view it (although after watching your volley they’re sure to download it!). 

To share a public link, follow the steps below:

1) Right click (or long press on mobile) to see a menu of actions you can take with that specific Volley. Click “Copy public link”

2) Share that link via email, text, DM, etc. as you would a link to any video on the internet (think sharing a YouTube video).

3) Anyone with that link will be able to access that specific volley and will be taken to a page where they will view it in their browser. Here is an example of what it looks like when someone views your volley in their browser via a public link:

Now happy volleying! Now get out there and try out each of these four types of links and see what works best for you and your team.