Share public link

If you want to share a singular volley with the world, use public links. You can send out that volley (and only that volley) for everyone to see. This is similar to sending a link to a YouTube video - the link is only to the video you recorded in Volley.

The best part about public links is that the viewer doesn’t need a Volley account to view it (although after watching your volley they’re sure to download it!). 

To share a public link, follow the steps below:

1) Click the three-dot (...) menu to see a list of actions you can take with that specific Volley. Click “Copy public link”

2) Share that link via email, text, DM, etc. as you would a link to any video on the internet

3) Anyone with that link will be able to access that specific volley and will be taken to a page where they will view it in their browser.

Here is an example of what it looks like when someone views your volley in their browser via a public link:

Note: Users can change their privacy settings to not allow their volleys to be shared publicly via the public link.