In order to install the Slack integration, you'll need to have created a team in Volley.

Our Slack integration is in beta and changing rapidly.  If you notice any issues or have feedback, tell Hello Volley or email us at


How to Install

Note: In order to install/uninstall apps in Slack, you must have the appropriate permissions within your Slack team to be able to do so. 


1. In Volley desktop app or web (not available on mobile), navigate to your Team Management screen by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left-hand corner

2. Under the "Manage Teams" section, select the team you are trying to integrate with Slack (if you are a member of multiple teams, you will see all of those teams in this section)

3. Select the appropriate team, then click "Slack" under the Integrations section

4. Click "Add to Slack"

5. A Slack approval page will then open in your broswer (note: you will need to be logged into your Slack account in your browser).  Click the green “Allow” button

6. Your internet browser should then open and take you to The integration is now installed! 

7. Go back to Volley (either desktop or web, whichever you are running) and refresh the app (ctrl/cmd + R)

8. After refreshing the app, navigate back to Team Management (gear icon in the lower left-hand corner). Here you will now be able to link channels.


Linking channels

There are two ways to link your Volley channels with your public Slack channels:

1. From Volley

1. Navigate to Team Management and click the team that you just integrated with Slack. Here you will see all connected channels. Slack’s #general channel and Volley’s Everyone channel are automatically connected!

2. To add an additional channel, click “Add Link”

  • A couple of things you should consider:
    • We recommend linking Slack’s #general channel and Volley’s Everyone channel because they are the channels that everyone is a member of by default.
    • You'll only be able to link public Slack channels because Volley channels are public while conversations are private.  Use a conversation when you need privacy.  Learn more about conversations and channels in Volley.

3. Here, you can select a public Slack channel and a Volley channel link together. 


2. From Slack

1. Go to any public channel in Slack and type in "/volley". The following will appear (if not already linked):

You have found an opportunity! This Slack channel is not connected to a Volley channel (yet).

2. Click on the dropdown menu to the right and select a Volley channel

3. After selecting which Volley channel you would like to connect to that Slack channel, the following window will appear (click OK): 


If done correctly, you should get the following notification in Slack!

4. Now, when you type /volley in that channel again, it'll launch the app to the linked channel where you can record a volley that automatically posts back to Slack.  Magic!

Note:  If you try to type “/volley” in a private conversation, it won't work. You can only link Volley channels to Slack public channels, not Slack direct messages or private channels.


What will my volleys look like in Slack?

When someone sends a volley in a channel that is linked to a Slack channel, this is how the following volleys will appear:

Video volley

Text volley

Image volley

Screen recording volley

Voice volley

Disconnecting a channel from Volley

1. Within Volley, go to your team management screen and click on the minus icon to the right of the linked channels, and click “Remove Link”


Uninstalling Volley from your Slack workflow

Note: The process to uninstall Volley from Slack is done completely in Slack, not in Volley. 

1. On Slack's website, navigate to the app management page


2. Click on “Volley” and navigate to the "Configuration" tab.  

3. Click "Remove App", then click it again in the new prompt on your screen