What's a thread? 

A thread is a series of replies to a volley that was shared in the main timeline. You can think of a thread as a “side conversation” between a handful of participants in a larger conversation or channel.

Why threads?

Volley is growing fast, and we’re seeing amazing communities thrive. Threading allows more people to participate in large group conversations (like channels) without having to always share a volley to the main timeline. We believe threads will create a more flexible and inclusive environment for everyone to participate.

More flexibility

Threads solve a very common problem. Volley is asynchronous, which is awesome, but that means sometimes you’re a little late to the party. Maybe Josh said something amazing yesterday but you weren’t able to view it until today. The conversation has moved on, but you might want to continue discussing something he shared. With threading you can now reply directly to Josh’s volley from yesterday— talk about flexible face-to-face conversation!

Starting a thread

Tap the three dots (...) in the bottom-right corner of any volley in the timeline and select “Reply in thread”
For an even easier way, you can just tap the "Reply in thread" arrow

Managing threads

Threads have a simple follow/unfollow mechanism that allows you to easily opt-in or out of receiving notifications. If someone replies to one of your volleys in a thread you’ll automatically get opted-in to notifications for that thread. If you're not interested in participating in a thread you can simply unfollow it. You can see a list of all threads you’re following in a new tab at the top of the conversation or channel. You can also use this view to discover more threads to join. 


@ Mentions in threads

Here’s a useful tip: you can @mention someone in a thread via a text volley and they will automatically get added to the thread. This is a great way to invite someone to participate in a thread that’s potentially interesting to them.

Threads + Broadcast Channels

Threads become even more powerful when you combine them with existing features. You can create a broadcast channel where only designated members can post to the main timeline while still allowing all space members to reply in a thread. This combination can be utilized in channels dedicated to announcements, mini courses, or questions of the day.