On your mobile device, there are multiple ways upload an image or video that you have on your camera roll.

Click the gallery button in the lower right-hand corner, and then chose whether you want to take a photo, choose a photo (from your camera roll), choose a video (from your camera roll), or share a GIF (from the GIPHY library).

Sharing files on your desktop

To send any file (including images and videos) on your desktop, select the paperclip icon to launch a file browser.

Select the file you would like to send. Or, just drag and drop into the Volley window and it will automatically send! 

Note: There is a 50MB file size upload limit (Basic plan) or 250MB (Volley Pro plan) for any file sent as a volley.

To easily find all of the image, gif, and file volleys shared in any DMs or Channels (available within Volley Pro Spaces), select the conversation, then click/tap on the "Transcript" tab, then click/tap on the "FILES" tab.