Volley was built from the ground up to enable meaningful conversation for teams and groups so they can move work forward faster. 

There are two ways to gather people in Volley–in a conversation or in a workspace


In a conversation

Invite people to a conversation if they don't need to interact beyond the conversation itself (for groups of friends or colleagues who want to collaborate in a single thread).


  1. Navigate to "My Network" (upper left)
  2. Create a new conversation (+)
  3. Record a welcome volley
  4. Send conversation invite link to the people you want to gather


In a workspace

Invite people to a workspace if they need to be able to find and connect with each other and create their own convos and channels (most likely for teams of co-workers).


  1. Create a new team (grey plus button in sidebar)
  2. Name the team and upload an icon
  3. Setup the proper channels
  4. Seed content in each channel
  5. Send team invite link to the people you want to gather