Volley was built from the ground up to enable meaningful conversation for teams and groups so they can build connection and community asynchronously. 

There are two ways to gather people in Volley–in My Network or in a space

In My Network

Invite people to a conversation in "My Network" if they don't need to interact beyond the conversation itself (for groups of friends or colleagues who want to collaborate in a single thread).


  1. Navigate to "My Network" (upper left), then create a new conversation

2. Hit the pink "Start recording" button at the bottom of the screen

3. Record the first volley in the conversation

4. Invite people into the conversation by either copying the invite link and sending it to them via text, email, etc. or search for people you're already in conversations/spaces with on Volley.

In a space

Invite people to a space if you want them to be able to find and connect with each other and create their own convos and channels (like teams of co-workers, a community, a family chat, etc.).

How to create a space:

1. Create a new team by clicking the grey plus button in the sidebar

2. Name the team and upload an icon

3. Setup the channels you want the space to have. We have some suggested channels built in for you to select, and you can make any other channels you would like.

4. Send team invite link to the people you want to gather by copying the invite link and distributing it via text, email, etc.


For more information about how to share Volley with others, read this linked article.